Services & Pricing

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Individual Therapy

Client’s ranging in age from teen to geriatric experience one on one sessions, where they meet with myself to collaborate on a therapy approach that will be most suitable for their stated concern. Unique needs are attended to and therapy will be in a continued state of fluidity based on your individual needs. Confidentiality is always maintained, within its stated limits, which are discussed at the beginning of the session. Client’s are in charge of ending therapy as they see fit as it is a voluntary service.


  • $200 individual hour

  • $300 individual 90 minutes

  • Most health plans offer reimbursement for psychology services.

Couples Counselling

Couples Therapy can be within marital, common law or dating relationships of any sexual orientation. Each partner of the couple will be invited to state their hopes for couples counselling and a focus will be agreed upon by each person involved.

Couples are treated as one file and anything that is shared with myself by either partner of the couple will be shared in the therapy room, as couples therapy is only successful when there is honesty is present.

Couples therapy can be used to help a couple strengthen their already strong bond, help couples come back to a place of connection, allow them to define future dreams together or to help couples make the difficult decision on whether it is healthiest to remain together or seperate in the most compassionate way possible.

Confidentiality is always maintained within the limits that are explained at the beginning of session one.


  • $240/60 minutes

  • $300/90 minutes

  • Most health plans offer reimbursement for psychology services.


Parent child conflict can happen at any age. I strive to provide a space for you and your tween, teen or adult child to come together and commit time to helping understand one and other and collaborating on strategies that will bring your relationship to the place it is at its healthiest.


  • $200/hour

  • $300/90 minutes

  • Most health plans offer reimbursement for psychology services

Note: Depending on continued needs price reductions may be possible on a case by case basis.